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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Well done Olu Ikenwoli the Nebuchadnezzar of our time ( Hon Charles Eyimofe Pemu- say it as it is)

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Well done Olu Ikenwoli the Nebuchadnezzar of our time, may you live long enough to face the nemesis for betraying the people's trust as the aformasin who speaks with all side of your mouth: The truth sound insulting because it's bitter of which no man consume a bitter pill with his/her faced smiling. I have not come to entertain the wolves but feeds the sheep, therefore I seek not a false love from the pretentious pretentious pro throne and Olu and his cohort in exchange for favour. For the bible says " An open rebuke is better than secret love" it would be cheaper, easier , fun, interesting and supportive if I should censored the truth for I would have become their most favourite but rather I venture into the uninteresting and bitter expository advocacy that has attracted me more enemies than friends.

If you think the Olu is a betrayal of his people, can you please tell me what kind of a King that will will deceitfully invites his prominent Chiefs only to installed the most powerful titles such as the Ologbotsere, Iyatsere and Uwangue on garage personalities secretly from the people he took an oath to lead? Please is the Olu the tradition and culture of the people that he can distort it as at when pleases him? Olu Ikenwoli should know that he has abused the authority entrusted in him by the people therefore he should step out along with his associates Ayiri, Johnson and those behind the conspiracy before the wrath of gods descend them in that palace . Most Itsekiris are disappointed at the Olu action but they won't speak up for reasons best known to them while some are mad at me for saying thr truth that are considered too harsh which they would rather die with to prevent the truth from the future generation, but I'm not bothered because I'm not afraid to stand alone and not interested to please the crowd else I would venture into the romantic advocacy of deceitful praise singing where truth are censored and rendering of eye services are encouraged.
Not too many Itsekiris are aware that the same Olu Ikenwoli was the number 7 signatory to the petition against his predecessor (Atuwatse ll) ask him to step down as Olu when he (Atuwatse ll) proposed to abolish the age long ogiame title but today he is in and turned out to be the worst mistake Itsekiri ever made. The same Olu Ikenwoli rewarded Omolubi with chieftaincy for staging a protest against his predecessor (Atuwatse ll) this same Olu Ikenwoli conferred chieftaincy on Pa. Akoma who accused his predecessor (Atuwatse ll) for being his tenant and today he want to be respected for being worst than his predecessor? These amongst other reasons he should be address as the Nebuchadnezzar of our time and history will not forget his reign as the worst ever. Please do you think is appropriate that one man can do as he pleases because he is the king and no one can caution him? Please did the King come with the land and the people or came to the land to meet the people? Can we now see why the good people of Ugborodo and Omadino are resisting the Olu's authority?
There is an obviously and glaring divide in this kingdom as regards to so many activities done in the kingdom as the Olu Ikenwoli due to his personal interest is on one side while the collective interests of Itsekiri/ Warri kingdom is on the other side. We should pay keen interest in the activities of the Olu and his cohorts only then we shall see clearly that the it's unfortunate the Olu has joined the elitist therefore no one should romantically justifies the atrocities done against the kingdom by the Olu that the Olu is the kingdom and that kingdom is the Olu . We should note that there wouldn't be the gathering of people without a place and there wont have been a place to gather without a land, a kingdom is made up of the people of a place that agreed to practice same language, traditional doctrine and share same cultural values and its upon this agreement the throne of Warri kingdom was established where a leader was adopted and appointed to lead the people, but mind you it is the free will and consent of the people to be led by the king that binds the people with rheand not the sole desire of the King to lead the people else it will be slavery. Have in mind that there can exist a people even without a King that's why a the people always predate their kingdom, but there can't be a King without people, for the beauty of a masquerade is in the human under it so the prestige of a King is the credibility of his people.
Those from the descendants of loyal slaves that's claimed to be otolu and all that wouldn't understand these facts as it sounds alien to them because they are not suppose to question the actions of descendants of their ancestors slave masters whom their forefathers were loyal too just as they are continuing the loyalism of their forefathers onto the generation of their forefathers masters. But in the case of the descendants of the masters that was bowed to by type forefathers of the descendants of slaves are different as we are the stakeholders of Warri kingdom and not slaves which is why we can't watch ruined. It is the business concern of those that are not of slave descendants to ensure that the kingdom did not die in their hands and under their watch as no sane mind will watch his/her inheritance ruined without fighting to defend. I do not derived any pleasure fighting against the principalities of Itsekiri nation for the battle is complex, but I just I cannot watch my kingdom go down no matter whose toe I step on because when a person places a proper value on freedom, there's nothing he cannot do to acquire that freedom. To others the King is their priority while to some the kingdom is. I have no other kingdom than Warri therefore I will not celebrate anyone that is hell bent of destroying her in the name of being a King (Olu) that pride himself as wise or Chiefs, for kings come and then go but once kingdom is gone there can't be a restoration. It is not the Olu who took up the kingdom but it was Itsekiris that handed over the kingdom to the Olu which means the kingdom is not the private property of Ikenwoli, but collectively owned by Itsekiris which is why his predecessor (Atuwatse ll) couldn't abolish the the title of Ogiame. Olu Ikenwoli should have in mind that he cannot trade Itsekiri for his personal gain at the detriment of his people.
The destination of a ship is determine by the captain. I just want to use this media to congratulate the Olu of Emiko palace for sailing Warri kingdom in a mishap. I may be the one speaking because i lack the capacity to pretend unlike many others who has cried to me as they cannot openly air their displeasure as if I'm the chief priest of the kingdom. My approach may not be the best but trust me is not the worst only that I'm the one who couldn't hide my feelings as I fear what next becomes of my kingdom. The King is wise doesn't me he is wiser than all and age is different from maturity.
The kingdom is my priority then the King can come after while to some the King is their priority then the kingdom comes after, but while others choose to stand with crowd of irresponsible views to avoid being victimised Im not afraid standing alone. I am aware that is wrong to say things when we angry but for I have said about this Ologbotsere saga and the betrayal of the King are not completely out of anger but the truth else what people are calling insults against him would be a preamble of what I would have addressed him as because he has failed his people. I am writing this down here and now so the future generation will come across it that there was a time Warri under the reign a man by the name Ikenwoli whom Itsekiri hoped will be a messiah but turned out to be the Nebuchadnezzar. My only apology is to those whom I may had argue with over the Olu betrayal for should have known we all cannot think the same way as we all reserve a right to our personal opinion for its very balance to have both the emotional and rational in every society.
I will not be the only one that will be destroyed if at the end the gods are pleased and impressed by what the King is doing against the kingdom, because I know that if this day were to be the days of my 3rd great grandmother (Obisamara) who is the daughter of Dibofun and my 5th great grand father (Olu Akenboye l) who was the 13th Olu of Warri they would have resisted such evil against the kingdom.
Those of you mocking the likes chief Rita Lori and others including myself that are trying to prevent Itsekiris from being enslaved by the cabals that we lost to Ayiri as if it's a competition will soon realise they are only jubilating that Ayiri has defeated Itsekiri as a nation because the title of the Ologbotsere is no longer powerful outside the kingdom since we now practice a federated system of government unlike then before the amalgamation in 1914, even the Olu himself is below the government but only powerful within the kingdom and this is exactly what Ayiri craved for. He needed power that will frustrate Itsekiri for demanding justice against him and his associates like Uduaghan for all the wrongs they has done against us. Ayiri needed power so he can grab what belongs to others without being opposed but he won't dare extend his authority to anyone else than Itsekiri , he won't dare exhibit his authority against the Urhobos or Ijaws as they will not take such a garage personality serious. My resistance against Ayiri Emami over the Ologbotsere (prime minister ) office isn't base on his age or educational status but his character and antecedents which is a threat to the peace and freedom of the people. Ayiri may have all the touts, political assassins and stomach infrastructure advocates under his control but does not makes him responsible or reasonable. He may be liked by some who needs foods and alcohol but not loved by those who needs societal development. Anyway all that is happening in our kingdom today are for a reasons, because if God wants to change a declining system He sometimes first destroy the old structure and when He is about to destroy that old structure He deliberately hardens the heart of those in charge. Itsekiri should not fight too much over this according chief Rita Lori, so we should leave it for the gods to take charge and the end case will be catastrophic for all those behind this evil which includes the Olu Ikenwoli, his palace cabals, the Ayiri Emami, chief Johnson Ibrenedu that purchase the Iyatsere and all their supporters.
I am aware that words are like glass that's why I have not insulted the Olu but only said the truth that sounds insulting by those who hated the truth. Please how else to describe someone who once said he will not give the title to anyone below 50yrs of age and he will give it to someone that is of good characters only for him in collaboration with some of the disciples to have secretly conspired against the kingdom hoping to apologise to the people after the deed has been done as the gullible people will foolishly accept him?
Conclusively, I have not insulted the Olu and his cohorts but I have only said the truth that sounds like insults since I wouldn't keep mute over such gross evil and I can't pretend like someone others that all is well in public while lamenting in secret. If we are to live without being falsely accused then we should wish to have been born a dead and dumb but no matter what our silence will still be misconstrued. Note that, being emotional or rational over matters is balance for every society.
Charles Eyimofe (Baruch ) Pemu.

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