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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Itsekiri Group Petitions EFCC Over DESOPADEC Pipeline Surveillance Contract …Accuses former Commissioner Ejele Of Misappropriating Project Funds

Itsekiri Group Petitions EFCC Over DESOPADEC Pipeline Surveillance Contract

…Accuses former  Commissioner Ejele Of Misappropriating Project Funds

– An Itsekiri group, Iwere Development Association, (IDA), has accused the Commissioner representing Itsekiri nation in the board of DESOPADEC, Mr. Michael Diden (aka Ejele), of embezzling pipeline surveillance contract funds meant to employ over 1,500 youths from Itsekiri land.

Addressing newsmen in Warri, Delta State, on Sunday, the President of the group, Comrade Omolubi Newuwumi, who doubles as Commissioner for Youth Development in the state, alleged that funds for the first phase of the project meant to employ over 1,500 youths from Itsekiri land were misappropriated.

His allegations came amid moves to re-award the controversial contract to the former council chairman of Warri North, Ejele, who according to the group, had allegedly enriched himself with the project funds.

IDA alleged that Ejele had not represented Itsekiri interest in the execution of the project, saying not even a single Itsekiri was employed while the contract lasted.

The group therefore urged the Federal Government to discontinue the re-award of multi-billion naira Nigerian Petroleum Corporation, (NNPC) pipeline surveillance contract to the Itsekiri youth leader.

The group also called on the anti-graft agency, the Economic and Financial Crime Commission(EFCC), to investigate the allegation against Diden who is  a member representing Warri North in the Delta state House of Assembly.

The group also alleged that the contract recipient who was the Commissioner representing Itsekiri nation on the board of DESOPADEC, was responsible for the under development of Itsekiri communities and its people both politically and economically.

In an open letter to President Goodluck Jonathan and Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan, a copy of which was made available to THEWILL, the group said while other beneficiaries of the contract from other ethnic groups in the Niger Delta region were busy impacting positively on their land and people, Ejele who is an Itsekiri representative in the pipeline surveillance contract was busy acquiring fleets of cars and multi-million naira landed properties in major cities across the country.

“I’m writing this letter based on my conviction on what the Itsekiri nation has suffered, and I’m saying ‘Enough is enough’ for few individuals to continue enriching themselves with our collective wealth which God has given us.”

“This open letter has become necessary based on recent attempt to re-award the NNPC pipeline surveillance contract in Delta State to a surveillance company where Mr. Michael Diden represents the Itsekiri interest again.”

“The first phase of the contract which was also awarded to him was meant to employ and engage more than 1,500 Itsekiris, but to our dismay, the gesture of the government for the people never materialised because of the greed of one single person.”

“He did not only misappropriated the money meant for the contract, he failed also to employ one single youth from Itsekiri Nation.”

“In DESOPADEC, Mr Diden misappropriated money meant for the development of Itsekiri communities and empowerment of its people, especially the youths just like the surveillance contract given to him by the Federal Government.”

“He was also given a similar job by the Delta state government through DESOPADEC before his appointment as part of government’s attempt to reduce youth restiveness, but was thwarted by greed to enrich himself,” the statement. Mr Omolubi stated.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Moses Fregene, the Robert Mugabe of Bateren Royal Community: A leader that left his people and land poorer that they met them

Bateren cannot be the private property of Moses Fregene, the Robert Mugabe of Bateren Royal Community: A leader that left his people and land poorer that they met them is a failure because true leaders suffer the most but get the least credit. Moses Fregene has only led himself without followers but prisoners.

Moses should be ashamed of himself for leading the Bateren Royal Community into failure and a state of mockery and he should forget about any plan or agenda to manipulate any constitution with intent to reimpose himself on the people during the Dissolution of his over 13yrs leadership as the community trust chairman with nothing to show and yet has deprived others that can work. The Dissolution will be held tomorrow Sunday, the 18th day of March 2018, I enjoin all Itsekiri sons and daughters from the Royal Community of Bateren irrespective of whether or not they are of Maternal or Paternal to be on the ground and witness the negotiation of their future Bateren.

Moses Fregene should stop cajoling the people of Bateren and the Omateye Royal Family that he is the only one with the capacity to challenge the Ejo/Emiko’s Royal Family from imposing their family members on the community people using their incumbency as the ruling house, but for over 13yrs since the Community has been entrusted to the Moses that is claiming to protect the interest of the Bateren people and Omateye's Royal Family there’s no progress in the community. Isn't shameful that even the parents of the said Moses do not have a house in the community where he leads? And the irony is that he did not even build a house for himself in the community where he collected so much from and deprived of infrastructural development, all he does is visit the community collect money and then return back to Warri Township where he squandered all the money on fame purchase.

Moses Fregene, should kindly and honorably present his stewardship reports as youth chairman of Bateren for a period of time and then trust chairman for about 13yrs in order for his people that are within and in the diaspora to evaluate and ascertain his performance if what I will be presenting about his leadership are not near the truth. Note that I’m criticising him because he is a leader but not perform and the more he failed to lead his people right the tighter the chain of slavery drags the neck of the people. Moses Fregene should please defend himself that he did not fail by showing everyone what he has done for the community he has ruled over for over 13yrs by making references to project location, sites, job specification and description so that others can carry out their own investigation for proper verification.

But with what is available to me, even if he (Moses) also include the white elephants amongst projects that are documented on paper to loot more of the funds set aside for proper development of the land. Based on my assessment , evaluation and comparison to what true leadership is about after subsequent investigation into his Methuselah leadership as youth and trust leader of which hundreds millions of nairas meant for the development of the people of Bateren and their community were unaccounted for by the same Moses Fregene’s led Bateren Trust as he has either failed or refused to deliver to the people the development which the money which came to the community was for. With my rating, I will score him  “ONE OVER TEN” which mean Moses Fregene is a colossus failure that his continuous stay in the corridor of power and leadership will further cause a baggage and liability to Itsekiri as a Nation. Moses Fregene is a failure who unfortunate will not be allowed to skip to the next class neither will he be let to repeat his last class but rather be expelled from the Academy of leadership as he has failed all leadership tests.

Note that the only area he passed that rated him the ONE OVER TEN was his receptiveness and ability to communicate with those close to him but lack the ability to either comprehend the plight of the people or maybe he is just another terrible political pretender because he will listen to people but yet you will never do what they told him of which he agreed with them but failed to obliged it. Note that once a leader broke his promises made to his people then the people will never have confidence in them anymore except for the feeble minded amongst the others, but remember that even the feeble and gullible shall not forever remain fools.

When Moses should talk about his community (Bateren) one would wonder how wound the same Community led by someone like Moses which is a Royal Community be like a poetry. How do Moses feel knowing in actuality he has failed the people of Bateren and it does not matter whether or not the people  live there in Bateren, Warri Township or diaspora, but a true leader should always have at the front and back of his/her heart that the society which they are to lead is entrusted to them as leader to help defend the people by developing the land so, when the people visit their hometown (Bateren) they can have a well-developed community that is secure and  conducive enough  to stay with their families and friend but Moses failed to develop the land for those who once trusted him unknown to them he won’t develop the place for the people but his stomach and families as the Idi Ami and Robert Mugabe on the community and no one can ever challenge him because he empowered monsters and thugs that will terrorise any of opposers perceived as threat.

Sometimes I wonder what wrong has Itsekiri as a nation or tribe has done to have been faced with such plague of a leadership deficit that we always get the worst set of persons as leaders when we were known as the best then when it comes to leadership. It is time all Itsekiri sons and daughters that genuinely love, adore, respect and jealous over their prestige, tradition and culture should stand as one irrespective of community, villages, family, party affiliation to put an end to leadership deficit in Warri Kingdom, because the incompetence, cluelessness and wickedness as a result of greed due to primitivity and complexity is affecting proper development not only Itsekiri land (Warri Kingdom consisting of the Warri South, North, and South-West), Delta state, Niger Delta and Nigeria at large because Dubai is just a place in United Arab Emiate (UAE) but its well developed to the extent of selling not just the entire UAE but most part of Asia as a continent.

Itsekiri should know that if only communities like Ugborodo, Omadino, Benin River (Jakpa) and the Royal Community of Bateren had been developed with even half of our worth then It will sell Nigeria but it is unfortunate that the leaders squander This is getting way beyond out of hand, the Itsekiri which used to be the best when it comes to matters of leadership and representation which made us produced some of the nation builders in the likes of Chief Festus Okotie-Eboh and first ever labour and finance minister in Nigeria as a whole, Chief Arthur Prest as first ever minister for communication and the likes of Chief O.N Rewane and his brother Alfred is a nation that has now turned into a tribe that soon people will refer to them as land of the dullest, inactive and docile leaders followed by competent and educated people that cannot confront their illiterate leaders with what is wrong and what should be done.

Note that Bateren is not just like any other community for its a royal community such as there’s a royal cemetery in Jala. These are places that Itsekiri could have made a tourist location that would have even generate more wealth through diversification of the economy. Nations like Malaysia, United Arab emirate, Singapore and others generate over 40 to 70% of their national revenue from tourism, is not even that they have too many natural places but they got leaders with vision that thinks ahead and then exploited their opportunities and resources which is why any nation that wishes to grow must seek resourceful leadership personality and not docile. Can Moses Fregene tell the world what innovative idea he had as a leader and how has he implemented them in the development of Bateren Royal Community, or was the over 20yrs in the leadership system not enough for him to deliver projects that is what talking about in such a community where hundreds of millions of naira has come? Can Moses Fregene evaluate his personal enrichment and compare with the progress of the community he led for the people to know between the community he is supposed to defend and himself which is more secure today in order to ascertain whether or not he has not failed as a leader even if he may be nice as personal friend to individual especially people that are non-Itsekiri and non-Batereans?

Moses Fregene should be made to know that if he ever wishes to continue in leadership in any capacity to whatever level, he should first start by proving himself to his people by presenting to the Itsekiri people and her neighbors how he has managed the funds meant for the development of the lands. Moses Fregene  should genuinely carry an assessment of his leadership and evaluate himself sincerely and honourably  tell the people what he believes or expect the people and land he claimed to have led will remember of him as a public servant entrusted to the lead the people of a first class Royal community like Bateren  if he should die today. Note that he has led the Bateren Royal community in various capacity, first as youth chairman and then the trust chairman for over 20yrs in to longer than how long the disciples of wolves has been feasting on the sheep, but nothing to show that can be  reference to him (Moses Fregene) than bragging outside before people outside his community that he constructed 2 concrete jetties, one at Bateren-Kporo and then other in Bateren-Tie, he claimed to have provided  healthcare for the people, therefore,  feeling so fulfilled and successful because he is not ashamed that by rating of a true leader he is a monumental failure beyond counselling same as the other disciples.

If those supporting and  defending corrupt politicians are not as wicked, greedy, incompetent and clueless as the political looters they are defending for doing nothing, why then they are not interested in demanding leadership report card but would request degree certificate from their children and wards they are spending their hard earned money to train in order to ensure they are not wasting their money on a failed projects but when the suffering masses are demanding for the report cards from their political, traditional and religious leaders it will be the same persons who requested for results from their children that will be the ones attacking those demanding for accountability of leadership. Can we now see it glaring obvious that some of the people want their children and wards succeed so that their hard earned money they have spent won’t be a wasted resources  but they mindless if the society fails which is the primary why they care about their children results to monitor their performances but standing against leadership reports which would enable the suffering, patience and waiting masses to track how well those they entrusted with leadership done in terms of developing the society and to also know if it matches the expectation  if comparable to the resources allocated to their offices to make available such development.

The truth is that Itsekiri had so many competent, educated, and smart personalities capable enough to represent the land and people, but the biggest problem facing Itsekiri society today is that most of those making themselves available to lead are mostly those with qualification but lack the important requirement needed for leadership and that requirement is credibility, integrity, and commitment. The likes of Moses Fregne, Mofe Pirah, Daniel Reyenijue, Daniel Mayuku, Godwin Ebosa are among the capable personalities in the midst of the disciples of wolves and their apostles of hyenas but they lack those important requirements which are credibility and integrity and that is why we can never trust them because we have given them more than enough time for them to prove the competence of which they have always failed. The likes of Moses, Reyenieju, and Pirah are receptive but are not resourceful else they would have been included amongst the capable and credible persons with exceptional characters.

Conclusively, Moses Fregene may be though very nice, receptive and motivating including being generous to his personal friendship, but he failed the test of leadership. Note; leadership and friendship are two different status of which one can be good for personal friendship while the same person might make the worst leadership and this is the case of the average Nigeria politicians that go into politics just to steal from the masses and then lavish on irresponsible families and friends that think leadership is for self-enrichment.

The problem I’m going to be having with Moses Fregene is same as to other leaders, they have all failed and still failing as leaders but inducing the stomach infrastructure to sing their praises even for doing nothing with intent to falsely obtain blessings from the uninformed they can never deserve and respects they cannot earn. When a leader does for the society he has done for everybody and not a few, so the people and the ground will respect and bless them down to their generation like the federal government college Warri influenced by Chief Festus Okotie-Eboh is not only attended by those within Warri, Delta state or south south but but people from afar including the present Governor  of Lagos State (Ambode). Though Chief Festus has died over 52yrs ago but until this moment the generation after generation still bless him because they respect him for doing something that impacted everyone irrespective of tribe sentiment, partisan affiliation, and religious segregation, though the Chief Festus may have gone the Okotie-Eboh are loved, trusted and respected by the people. The earth though may have swallowed Chief Festus but the earth will forever remember and respects the Okotie-Eboh’s for the good deed of their father.

Charles Eyimofe (Baruch) Pemu.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Photo Chief Lori and his mother

Chief Lori and his mother Igba (the founder of Ajigba and great grandmother to Rita Lori the Igba of Warri Kingdom), in Warri, Southern Nigeria early 1900's or earlier.

Monday, January 15, 2018



Daniel Reyenieju wrote:

The Federal Lawmaker representing Warri Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Mr Daniel Reyenieju, has advised the Itsekiri traditional leadership to caution members of the Warri Traditional Council and other Itsekiri leaders to desist from denigrating the Itsekiri nation by employing their positions as a tool for exploring personal political space and relevance through deliberate misinformation and malignant innuendoes.

Speaking to our correspondent yesterday at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport yesterday in reaction to an interview granted to the Saturday Vanguard by Chief Ayiri Emami, Reyenieju legislator specifically warned Chief Emami and others he described as his co-travellers to stop abusing the privileged positions they occupy within the Itsekiri traditional hierarchy for deliberate mischief, politicking and dirty blackmail.

He particularly lamented that by the development of this nature, the Itsekiri ethnic group is being portrayed in bad light with the possibility of generating such ripple and boomeranging effects of further polarizing the Itsekiris with the consequence of endlessly exacerbating the already entrenched division created by Emami’s installation as ‘Ologbotsere.

He said that since the nomination of Ayiri Emami as Ologbotsere late last year was greeted with widespread protests it should have been a development sufficient to inspire the Chief to at least attempted to prove his critics wrong by acting in ways and manners as to promote the unity of the people rather than inflaming the body polity by his current acrimonious conduct.      

Speaking further, the federal lawmaker noted, ‘While I am not oblivious of the fact that his aridness, cerebral limitations and impecunious level of exposure would have largely informed his making the allegations in issue against the Governor and Government of Delta State, it is preposterous and most malignant to indirectly accuse the present Government of the state as being responsible for the comatose state of the Warri town. It should be obvious to any right thinking person that such misfortunes predating the current administration can be attributed to  the unfortunate exit of Shell Development Corporation of Nigeria (SPDC) and other related oil companies from Warri, non functionality of the Warri ports to mention but a few of culprits that remain largely responsible for the present of extremely low commercial activities in the area.”

Continuing, he said, “Whatever can be attributed as the causal factor of the present state of Warri clearly predates the present government of Delta State. For example, part of the factor responsible for the present state of non-commercial utilization of the Warri Port squarely rest on the shallowness of the Escravos Bar and security concerns; all of which are being addressed and require the cooperation of all and sundry including traditional rulers who ought to be playing their roles as peace makers and partners in progress. 

“On my part, I have successfully secured a parliamentary resolution on the dredging of the Escravos Bar and have exchanged series of correspondences with the President on this with what is left being for the federal government to implement. Therefore, I am urging Chief Emami to exploit his position within the All Progressive Congress to get the federal government to expedite action.

“In the same vein, I urge Chief Emami to note that Warri Port is under the Federal Ministry of Transport and he should also use his said close relationship with the Minister of Transport to turn around the fortune of Warri port, which will immediately ipso facto turn around the present fortune of Warri and environs.

‘While any responsible and responsive government like the Delta State government would as usual welcome constructive criticisms, what is being flaunted by Chief Emami, is laced with bias, misinformation and crass ignorance, the Chief should be schooled on the economic situation of the state and by extention national economic growth. While we will continue constructively engage the state Government for meaningful development due us as Itsekiri people.

Concluding, Reyenieju, in an emotional message to his Itsekiri ethnic group, said  “The  preponderance of Itsekiri persons (including myself) expressed strong reservation about the Chief Emami being selected for the post of Ologbotsere of the traditional Warri Kingdom because of his very notorious attitude of cheap blackmail, promoting disaffection, telling lies and other mischiefs. A higher level of intellectual background for the Ologbotsere may have saved us from this mess which is unfortunately poised to continue for a long time. Regrettably, a few of those within the Itsekiri traditional gentry, who also hold the acme of traditional authority in Itsekiri thought otherwise. I am sure that with the extant disastrous outing by Chief Ayiri, they should be able to overcome the spell by now and begin to realize that the proverbial chicken has come home to roast”

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Ayiri can’t be Ologbotsere of Itsekiri, says Lori-Ogbebor

RIGHTS activist, Chief Rita Lori-Ogbebor, has said Chief Ayiri Emami will not be recognised as the Ologbotsere of Itsekiri nation, if the Olu of Warri, His Majesty Ogiame Ikenwoli, confer the title on him against the wishes of the people. She also urged the Itsekiri not to engage in violent opposition to the choice of Emami, adding that the conferment of the title on him was against the collective interest of Itsekiri nation.
 CHIEF RITA LORI-OGBEBOR Briefing newsmen yesterday in Lagos, she said the Itsekiri had rejected Emami prior to his appointment, last Friday, noting that it was surprising that the Itsekiri monarch went ahead to make him the Ologbotsere. She said: “I will, therefore, not believe that the Olu will rush to confer a title on anybody because there is no reason to do so.

Well done Olu Ikenwoli the Nebuchadnezzar of our time ( Hon Charles Eyimofe Pemu- say it as it is)

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling
Well done Olu Ikenwoli the Nebuchadnezzar of our time, may you live long enough to face the nemesis for betraying the people's trust as the aformasin who speaks with all side of your mouth: The truth sound insulting because it's bitter of which no man consume a bitter pill with his/her faced smiling. I have not come to entertain the wolves but feeds the sheep, therefore I seek not a false love from the pretentious pretentious pro throne and Olu and his cohort in exchange for favour. For the bible says " An open rebuke is better than secret love" it would be cheaper, easier , fun, interesting and supportive if I should censored the truth for I would have become their most favourite but rather I venture into the uninteresting and bitter expository advocacy that has attracted me more enemies than friends.

There Is Nothing Like Ologbotsere Of Itsekiri

INYC to Rita Lori: There is nothing like Ologbotsere of Itsekiri
The Itsekiri National Youth Congress, INYC says statement credited to Chief Rita Lori-Ogbebor, wherein she purportedly said Chief Ayirimi Emami “will not be recognized as the Ologbotsere of Itsekiri Nation” is most unfortunate as there “is nothing like Ologbotsere of Itsekiri Nation, but Ologbotsere of Warri Kingdom”. President of INYC, Comrade Esimaje Awani in a statement released Tuesday October 24 in Warri, Delta State, refuted Chief Ogbebor’s insinuation that the conferment of the prestigious title of Ologbotsere on Chief Ayirimi Emami by the Olu of Warri was against the collective interest of Itsekiri Nation.

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