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Friday, August 25, 2017

#Itsekiri Xenophobic Ugborodo Brutality Ugborodo Barbarism Wari Dog Eat Dog

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By Charles Eyimofe Pemu
August 25, 2017
I stood for and by Comr. Ofe Nene no matter his adversaries , but that was yesterday when I mistook him for a Moses not knowing he has been Pharoah in disguise. 😠😠Never trust a person to control who cannot control himself for the humble terrified Ofe Nene Penda of yesterday has today become the Nebuchadnezzar against his people. This is why I have issues trusting people as I will rather trust Hyenas, jackals and the lion than human because I know those animals will eat me with no pretense while humans are unpredictable.
Who says Itsekiris doesn't kill their own? Please I need answers to the questions below :
*Was it an Itsekiri visitors or tenants that tied Pa. Metseagharun to yellow Mercedes Benz car and then dragged him on the street of Okere which led to his death over Ugborodo leadership issue?
*Was it Itsekiri neighbours that assassinated the late Sunny Deghele?
*Was it armed robbers that strangled to death the Pa. Sandy Omadeli? 

While I wait for the response to the aforementioned questions, please we should ask questions like "Who are those behind the gruesome murder of Samuel Mayomi which is the most recent. Are we going to let this slide through and sweep under the carpet like the previous cases? To me the answer is capital NO as those behind must be be brought to book. The days of apologetic flimsy excuses like " We don't throw away the bath water and the child" as a way of justifying wrongs are over else a worse than this is yet to come. Our kingdom has been infiltrated by wrong personalities as a result of secrecy that has shielded criminals, assassins and armed robbers into becoming elites in helms of leadership, elders and even palace Chiefs and we think the future is bright for Warri kingdom if we should fold our hands while they ruin things?
When we thought that the days of terrors has gone for good we never knew the worse is yet to come: According to Abraham Lincoln " Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character just give him power" Now that Comr. Ofe Nene Penda has gotten power as the national youth leader of the Ode-Ugborodo community which is the headquarter of about four other communities namely Ode-Ugborodo,Ogidigben,Madangho,Ajudaibo, Ijaghala, Arunto and Kpokpo all comprises of Ugborodo community , but has forgotten how well meaning sons and daughters of Itsekiri including myself stood for, with and by him when he was a nonentity that all he had then was only money but no power during when Chief Ayiri Emami and his gang were after him over issues of same Ugborodo politics of greed and dominance of which I stood for him even when I never knew him in person or even have a chat or spoken with him on the phone? Well, it has been confirmed that the greater the power bestows on the wrong persons , the more dangerous the abuse for It is said that power corrupts, but actually it's more true that power attracts the corruptible, but sane minds and responsible personality with genuine intentions are usually attracted to other things than just power. Comr. Ofe Nene Penda has gotten the power he craved for and has become the Nebuchadnezzar of Ode-Ugborodo whom now reserve the sole right to decide who comes in or go out of the community.
Comr. Ofe Nene, should know that the gods are seriously angry at him and his boys and they shall soon feel the impact of the manifestation of the wrath of the gods, though he may mocked the message because it's not in his favour. I'm for the oppressed and against the oppressor no matter who is affected and I have been directed to deliver to him a message of judgement. I, Charles Eyimofe Amabinomi Pemu in same spirit of justice, fairness and equity for all which I have I have stood for hereby condemn in totality the gruesome murder of an Itsekiri son (Samuel Mayomi) by youths of his own community (Ugborodo ) and I frown at the the leadership of Comr. Ofe Nene Penda under whose domain this sad execution was carried out therefore justice must take its course for the dastardly act as result of greed , love of money, power and dominance which has become a god that is now ruling over Warri kingdom. Itsekiris are now hunting Itsekiris cause of excessive greed that the only thing differentiating the Itsekiris against Itsekiri hunting game from cannibalism is that we do not feed on the flesh of our catch but to destroy lives by inflicting pains on families. This is what politics and greed has turned us into while strangers are strategising how to takeover our lands.
The Ugborodo barbaric act which led to the brutal murder of Samuel Mayomi by his own brothers due to community politics of greed should be a sad week for all sons and daughter of Itsekiri nation irrespective of their camp, factions and whatever political divide or religious belief. And It is disappointing such act happened under the national youth leadership structure of Comr. Ofe Nene Penda whom we all believed his emergence despite all obstacles to stop him has eventually brought safety, security , peace, equity, love justice to the community without bloodshed, but unfortunately the evil act was executed by the very boys of Ofe Nene's whom we all stood for against his enemies. As the case now seems, it doesn't matter whether or not it was done at the order of him (Comr. Ofe Nana) command but he has aromatically robe himself as prime suspect by virtue of being the Ode-Ugborodo national leader and the boys who carried the act are his boys not just random youths and lastly he had been threatening his perceived enemies throwing calls. I came to the conclusion that he is the prime suspect after analysing intelligent gathering on the following ground:
*That he (Comr. Ofe Nene Penda) is the incumbent national youth leader of the Ugborodo community.
*He (Comr. Ofe Nene Penda) was fully on ground on day this sad act of barbarism was executed.
*He (Comr. Ofe Nene Penda) through is friends and loyalist had earlier made media publication with vitriol content threatening to resist any perceived suppression intended to toppled their structure.
*He (Comr. Ofe Nene Penda) personally was captured in video taped on a virtual protest parading alongside his loyalist singling the Itsekiri war songs (Ogu yon) which mean war is sweet round the community which was posted on the media. Though the video showing their display has been deleted from the media as they must have realise that's a million dollar evidence to confirm their act, but it doesn't matter as over a thousand Itsekiri saw the video and will testify to it in the court of law to ensure justice be delivered to appease the death of the innocent. How wish I can exempt Ofe Nene from this act but it's unfortunate that he remains the number prime suspect followings so many analytical establish on my investigation even though he may not personally coordinated the strike in person.
Note that it's total of two persons that died as a result of this recent hostility, but though one of death was due to cardiac arrest from shock when the aggressive looking boys of Ofe Nene entered the Madangho community which is under the leadership of Ofe Nene as they advanced with war song (Ogu yon) Pa. Benson Okoturoh was rushed to Warri town for medical attention but later died, until his sudden death Pa. Benson Okoturoh was the acting Olaraja of Madangho community since the most oldest person that suppose to be the Olaraja is based in Warri town and only someone on ground that can occupy the office of the Olaraja. (Note; this happened before the the boys carried out the river strike which led to death of Samuel Mayomi.
I will therefore advice Comr. Ofe Nene Penda and his galant soldiers to start preparing whatever explanations they have, that's if there're good enough to convince justice not to take its course against them. But from what I have gathered it is predictable that Ofe Nene and his boys will surely pay for their act by facing the consequences of their action under the federal constitution of the Nigeria state which may either put them to death by hanging or life imprisonment as this is beyond Warri kingdom or Itsekiri as a tribe to handle.
At first I wasn't too interested in the case because I trusted the leadership and safety of Ugborodo people under the leadership of Ofe Nene, so when I saw all the publication against him I thought they are mere allegation just to rubbish his person by his perceived enemies or opposition as that has always be the case in every society where supremacy is battled by various groups of persons. But when it becomes more serious, I was then called upon by some persons seeking for my analytical service of "saying it as it is no matter whom maybe affected or favoured" and narration of the matter and that was when I started paying keen interest to the issue as it unfolds. I saw reaction from various persons whose judgement I can trust or give the benefit of a doubt are all confirming the act and standing against Ofe Nene action then I decided to conduct an investigative fact findings from various parties consisting of the accused/Attacker and the accusers/Attacked so as to know what really happened unknowing to me there has been a case of death carried out by the Ofe Nene camp.
According to the alert notification communicated to my by the accuser/attacked party has it that there was an attack against innocent Itsekiri sons and daughters by youths suspected to be loyalist of the Ofe Nene' Ugborodo youth structure. So carried out a preliminary investigation in order to ascertain " Who did this or does that which then led to what led to do that and this" I have to carry out a thorough investigation to avoid inaccuracy or wrongly passed judgment against the innocent as there's no actual truth or lies but all issues depends on presentation that will give the speculators a free will to pass their judgment depending on their level of understanding to avoid forceful inculcation of judgement on anyone against a sect of persons . In the course of my investigation, I reached to some of the community stakeholders including the accused Comr. Ofe Nene whom we both had a very friendly conversation as always though laced with rudeness mistaken for confidence and boldness. He tried to act ignorance to what happened in his community by trying to exempt himself and boys from any such act of physically assault against anyone by making it seems like an 120% mere rumour and speculation with intent to destroy his persons. He also assured me that nobody is missing and to further ascertain that, a search team were deployed but nothing of such was traced . He tried to convincing me not to give credence to such rumour as its only an agenda to frame him up by his oppositions in order to rubbish his person which he cited various scenario where I as the investigator had also suffered such fate of blackmail and propaganda. Sincerely I was convinced 79% especially on the allegations of missing person suspected to be dead which he debunked to be a mere blackmail as he claimed to have heard of a missing person same way I did which he dispatched search teams to look around if there's something of such but nothing was seen. But unfortunately my analysis after putting all data into consideration printed him (Ofe Nene) as prime suspect and if this is true then I'm afraid he will have to bear the consequences or produce those behind the attack for justice to prevail.
Though there's no fire without a smoke as the recent hostility is due to the management committee set up by the state government which saw one Barr. Austin Oborogbeyi as the chairman whose emergence is unpleasant to the current youth structure of Ofe Nene. Ofe Nene informed me of what actually led to the hostility in the community which is as a result of the factional Ugborodo leadership created by the state government under the governor Okowa administration even as he still denied any knowledge of having awareness of such attack on innocent people or have clue on those behind any attack.
After gathering all data, my plan was to make analysis on what trigger the hostility and then pass the blames to whoever may be wrong, but I was disorganised as I couldn't put anything together that will justify any form of " Who did this or who did that" which may had somewhat justified any resistance whether who is wrong or right. But mind you, I wasn't sure as at then if someone was really missing not to talk of dead during the process. My intention had a twist the moment I saw the photo of the dead mutilated Samuel Mayomi who was declared missing provoked me not to report " What led to, propelled or instigated the act which lead to what led to an attack or resistance " as all that are now inconsequential since a case of death as a result of attack on unarmed citizens perceived to be an enemy or opposition has been recorded. I will only report how the the attack on the innocent people by the blood sucker youths under leadership of Ofe Nene which led to the brutal death of deceased (Samuel Mayomi).
I never expected that my judgement will indict Ofe Nene as prime or co suspect to the dastardly act, because I mistook him for an humble leader. My intention was to put up an analysis of what happened that lead to the hostility base on the data gathered from both parties in which may Ofe Nene would have being justified if supposing the case of death isn't true as he debunked as it would have remains a mere speculation that someone is really missing because I never believed Itsekiri will kidnap and kill an Itsekiri, I pleaded with him (Ofe Nene) to put his eyes, ear and all hands on deck to check if indeed anyone is held hostage within his jurisdiction as it may unknown to him which he then promised to do even as he still insisted it was all a frame up but from the body language of his content I knew he was aware of the fact that his boys launched an attack against those coming to the community because that have already planned to resist any perceived threat of opposition though I'm not sure if it was his intention to hurt the people or that it maybe his boys overreacted on his behalf but definitely he cannot deny not to fully aware of the ambush. What I'm not sure of, so I won't misjudge him is I don't know what could be his ultimate intention if or not he planned killing , maiming or just to intimidate his perceived enemies as all that are now irrelevant because there's a case of death.
The strike which led to the brutal death of Samuel Mayomi who was onboard of one (1) of the fifteen (15) speed boats in which about five (5) of the convoy boats are conveying women: The attackers under the leadership of Ofe Nene numbering about 6 persons in each boat of a total of four (4) powerful speed boats laid an ambush in a creek that is between kpokpo and Madangho which are communities under the Ofe Nene jurisdiction. The ambush was coordinated by the attackers on getting information that the some indigenes occupying speedboats numbering fifteen (15) are heading to the community with agenda of attending a meeting called by Barr. Austin Oborogbeyi's structure that is instituted by the state government which is an opposition to the Jolomi Metseagharun's management structure that is supported by Ofe Nene youth structure therefore labelling the fifteen (15) filled boats as perceived enemies and threat to the Ofe Nene group which prompted to the use of violence in order to deny the incomers entrance into the community which belongs to all of them and the outcome of their act has now resulted to a regrettable error which they must pay for. The attackers boat (Ofe Nene group) immediately chased their target when they crossed through the Kpokpo and Madangho creek where the attackers laid their ambush. The leading boat of the attackers which is a blue in colour powerful carrying the following attackers in a war ready mood with white piece of clothe tied to their foreheads.
1: Ibikunle Moses Aka (Oke) who piloted the boat
2: Luwis Ajogungbe
3: Tosan Omadeli
4: Arubi Richard
5: Charles Ogboduwa
6: Anomuoghara Mawe aka Junior.
The aforementioned persons are the suspects onboard of the blue colour boat which ramp into the the leading boat of the innocent people where the deceased (Samuel Mayomi) boarded while the other fourteen (14) boats including the ones carrying just women are behind while one Darlington Ereone who is Ofe Nene National Vice chairman representing Madangho community is on the other attackers boat.
The attackers onboard the leading boat on chasing their targets boats in a sideway approach then performed a U-turn stunts know as (Osuma) in Itsekiri at the boat leading their target which led to the capsizing of the leading boat where the deceased (Samuel Mayomi) was in. At this time the other fourteen (14) boats behind which includes the ones carrying only women then took a swift turned around to safety while the three (3) other attackers boat chased after the the fourteen (14) other boats that turned but the prompt intervention of a Nigerian navy gunboats that was mounting checkpoint on the other side of the river who started shooting towards the air on sighting the hot pursue of the fourteen (14) boats by the three (3) then scared the chasing attackers away as they then retreated back to join the gangs that has already capsized one of the fifteen (15). Meanwhile the occupants of the capsized boat where the deceased (Samuel Mayomi) were in tries to stay afloat in the river since their boat has been capsized already by the attackers. The attackers then carried them out of the river inform of rescuing or kidnapping but the deceased (Samuel Mayomi) who did not trust what could be the intent of the attackers that had already capsized their boat and he then refused to give his hand to the attackers to take him out of the river into the attackers boat as he thought it will be safer if he swim into his own safety than trusting the attackers. He (Samuel Mayomi the deceased) then dipped himself into the water while the pilot of the attackers boat 'Ibikunle Moses Aka (Oke) who is an Ilaje indigenes but under Ofe Nene structure was then performing a circle stunts within the area of the water where the deceased dipped himself and it was through that process the propeller (engine blade) of the boat slitted the throat of the deceased (Samuel Mayomi) which led to his death.
The attackers then take hostage of those that was carried out of the water into their attackers boat numbering five (5) persons in number which includes (Walter Asin, Omagbe Asin, grant Asin, Lucky Tsewuro and Omasan. The aforementioned hostages were then taken to Arunto which is a community under the Ode-Ugborodo for reason I'm not sure if whether their intention was to kill their hostage or just to beat them up before releasing them, that I don't know. On arriving at the shore of the Arunto community the attackers started beating up and threatening their hostages except one amongst them the five (5) hostage that was taken which is Lucky Tsewuro who happens to be an indigenes of the Ode-Ugborodo which which is the headquarter of other communities like Ogidigben, Kpokpo, Madangho, Arutun while others four (4) hostages (Walter Asin, Omagbe Asin, grant Asin and Omasan ) from order quarters under the Ode-Ugborodo are being tortured and this action led to a confusion amongst the attackers quarrelling with themselves on why should the Lucky Tsuwero whom is from the main Ugborodo town is being exempted from torture and only those that are from other quarters are being subjected to it. Some amongst attackers considered the separation of Lucky Tsewuro from the others and exemption from the torture as unfair and unacceptable which led to revolt amongst themselves that "if the lucky should be exempted from torture alongside with the the four (4) others , then all five (5) hostages should be released, which led to the freedom of the hostage from the attackers after the attackers have robbed them of all their personal belongings which includes money and mobile phones. Isn't this so disappointing? but the most bitter is that some of these attackers which include the pilot of the boat ( 1: Ibikunle Moses Aka (Oke) and the Charles Ogboduwa are not even indigenes of any of the communities under the Ode-Ugborodo but from Ilaje yet our own brothers contracted them to inflict injuries and cause death against another brother all because of power, money and greed. Please what is the difference between this ugly act under the command and leadership and that of what chief Chief Ayiri Emami did in 2012 when he brought hired thugs to unleash terror against the people of Ugborodo? I still cannot believe these acts are happening under the watch of the Ofe Nene Penda aka big fish as the call him whom we all stood for against Ayiri attack on him? Don't you think it have been a great relief for Itsekiri abc the people of Ode-Ugborodo if we had let pit bull and Rottweiler (Ofe Nene and Ayiri Emami) fought themselves to death as then when we supported the Ofe Nene whim we thought was harmless fish or sheep that has now shown his true sheep traitorous nature? Though this is not the first even before Ayiri and associate terrorising our kingdom and I don't know even if it was started Pa. Sandys, but this act done by Ofe Nene may be the last of any of such act will happen in Warri kingdom especially in Ugborodo community except if Ofe Nene will have to align with Itsekiri enemies or join Biafra to for their own republic separated from the Nigeria state where Ofe Nene can be a life prime minister and not suspect of the country of dog eat dog , where the system of survival for the fittest will be legalise and greed to monopolise wealth will be a tradition.
It will be of Comr. Ofe Nene Penda best interest as the national youth leader of the community where this madness took place to produces all those behind this act, but should in case he (Ofe Nene) refuses to do so then he will alone face the consequences of the act committed by his boys suspected to have acted under his command which has now presented him (Ofe Nene ) as a Pharoah in disguise of a Moses or should I say Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. I lost the ability of neutrality because what ignited the whole brouhaha is first the community misunderstanding to come up with with a consensus president general which led to the state government making one them that is against the Ugborodo constitution and practice and other stories behind , but i promptly took to the side of justice against the Ofe Nene's party for the following reasons:
1: That their targets are only coming to attend a meeting called by another indigenes (Barr. Austin Oborogbeyi) weren't armed or being in a combat ready mood to attack Ugborodo people under the leadership of Ofe Nene.
2: That even if their agenda is to hold a pro or anti Ugborodo meeting or rally is still not a justifiable reasons for them to be attacked because they are still indigenes of the community whom has not been formerly banish by the tradition of the land therefore, Ofe Nene and his boys have no right whatsoever to stop them from entry the community when they haven't done any wrong against the community.
3: That despite knowing five (5) out of the fifteen (15) incoming boats carries all woman yet they attacked them.
4: Above all, the targets are all unarmed, innocent and harmless and now an innocent person has been killed due to this abnormality which every other judgement of what led to this or that are irrelevant as far the case is concern.
If Ofe Nene is gallant and intend to defend his land from invaders why didn't him led his gallant to reclaim our lands collected by tenants to show his ruggedness that he do not fear death instead of attacking innocent and unarmed brothers and sisters of his? What a shame.
With the aforementioned reasons and consideration put together, I found Ofe Nene guilty of the act by virtue of his position as the national youth leaders whether or not he (Ofe Nene) participated or commanded the action. I know this will hurt our relationship as I never expected we going to have a fallout too soon, but for the sake of equity, fairness and truth to preserve justice I'm afraid to say Comr. Ofe Nene Penda as the leader of the youths will go in for this barbaric act conducted in his jurisdiction and it doesn't matter whether or not it was intentionally done or maybe its an attempted intimidation taken to far that has led to a regrettable mistake as only the law will decide his fate but the judgement of God will still await him after the judgement of the people.
Justice must take its course and I don't care what happens next, after all I have said in previous publications that a time may or shall come when it will be " just Me, I and myself alone as all may deserts me" because the truth is bitter and bitterness hurts friendship. Note that a friend who refuses to tell his friend the truth is an enemy of his friend and anyone who tailored against the truth to favour a friend knowing his friend is guilty he also is an accomplice of the crime which is why I can't cover this act especially as a case of death has been established . Mind you, I'm not a saint neither am I an accomplice to wrong doing against the society, but there's no way to fix wrong using another wrong therefore what's bad is bad and it's simple as that.
Comr. Ofe Nene Penda may still be in his high mountain of pride so he may not have realise by now the gravity of what has happened and the mess he has got himself into, but he should be made to understand that this act of defensive attacking as a result of dominance and greed for power has led to the death of an innocent father of little children, window of a young lady and lose of a child by a poor parent and above all, he (Ofe Nene ) has broken my heart, lost my trust and support and that of many other Itsekiri sons and daughters whom once believed he meant well for his people 😡😠😢.
Conclusively, Ofe Nene maybe careless about whether I once respected or trusted in his leadership, but he should know too that, I careless if this analysis and judgement of mine which is not favourable to him will terminate our comradeship in struggle as we have both path ways except he produce those behind the act and submit himself to the law. I do not appreciate men who strong at home and then lazy outside where they should be strong, I do not adore dogs that bites his own's children but waves tail at strangers and lastly, I do not idolise personalities without brains for a dynamics thinking before acting, but the truth is that, Ofe Nene is the prime suspect as the case is and must he must take responsibility for the action carried out by his boys irrespective of whether or not he gave the go ahead. We must also be aware that Ofe Nene is not alone in this act as information though unconfirmed has it that he is being backed by some persons whom he had issues with in the past but have resolved to work together and I have reasons to believe the information because they are of both political party and Ofe Nene wanted his party structure to dominate the community. Another person that must not be exempted from this case as it may seems is the Ofe Nene faction president general in the person of Jolomi Metseagharun who is the opposition of Barr. Austin Oborogbeyi that Ofe Nene is fighting against which means Jolomi Metseagharun who is the Ofe Nene preferred president general cannot claim ignorance of a fight which is meant to protect his interest as the case seems. Another persons that must be interrogated is the Lucky Tsewuro whom was separated at first from the five (5) hostages and exempted from the torture which the other four (4) suffered, because the Ofe Nene and his boys acted on information and such information can only come from an insider of which for him to be treated differently special despite the fact he was coming with their perceived enemy signal something suspicious as it maybe possible he was the one feeding the Ofe Nene Boys with information of their coming.
Note that all this restiveness and hostility is circled on greed, power and dominance and nothing more as Ofe Nene and associates are trying to separate the Ugborodo community from Warri kingdom so they can operate on their own where only them will share their money. I wouldn't blame them though because this attitude of greed was ignited since Olu Ikenwoli ascend the throne of which his leadership style are perceived to be too political and favouritism to a few and discrimination of many which gave room for all to start agitation for self determination by those classing themselves as autonomous communities years before the arrival of Olu Ginuwa from Benin in the 1480AD . But when people laments of lapses and lopsidedness, others with eye services and intent to seek favour will accuse those agitating for justice , fairness, equal right and justice of abusing the throne, the Olu or the crown because truth has become hate speech and forbidden language in our land.
I call on all relevant authority Government of Delta State, Security Advisers, Nigeria Police, Marine Police, Nigeria Navy, Nigeria Army, Human right activist and the Presidency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to ensure justice is served that will put an end to all forms of barbarism, oppression and suppression once and for all as part of ensuring a safe society for all.
Have a nice day and no thanks for the shameful act 😡😡.
Charles Eyimofe (Baruch) Pemu.
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