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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Hon Charles Eyimofe Pemu- say it as it is

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The tale of two dignitaries at the just concluded National Association of Itsekiri Graduates NAIG 20th anniversary event with Engr. Victor Oritsetimeyin Wood as key speaker and Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan as chairman:
The sweetest medicine never cures the dreaded epidemic, but the bitter medicine cures all. Underdevelopment is the problem in warri kingdom which as a result of unchecked looting of our developmental funds by those in the helm of affairs whom most of us still worship and yet brand ourselves as progressive. Engr. Victor Oritsetimeyin Wood at the NAIG 20th anniversary prescribed the perfect medication that will liberate Itsekiri nation, but those that branded themselves as activist advocating for the development of our kingdom who are suppose to administer the prescription to the politically sick and weak in mind have deliberately hidden it, because the sickness of deformity is what brings food on the tables of the stomach infrastructural advocates . Itsekiri have a long wake from political slavery but I won't be tired as I will either die fighting or live to feel the change of the old status quo that has impoverished our kingdom.

I have live long enough to confirmed that indeed those who speaks the bitter and dangerous truth have no permanent admirers or friends and that's why whoever dares to venture into the services of truth must be ready to selflessly and uncompromising render it as it's a volunteer services to the society that requires blunt and boldness with no intent to obtain favour of any kind from the masses , for it is better to tell a man the bitter and ugly truth for him to be sober than beautifying the truth with false praises so he can feel comfortable with you. Also be prepare to be hated by those who once love them , because those who claimed to love you today for the truth which you stand for because it's favourable to them will someday hate you for the same truth when you go against them. The truth does two things which are ' convict or vindicate' those that are vindicated today by your truth will love love you but if by tomorrow they are convicted they will hate you which has being my experience over time.
A case scenario of such hatred for the truth is what I have observed about the publicity of NAIG and other self acclaimed progressive Itsekiris that were present at the 20th anniversary of the Itsekiri graduates body which had the person of Engr. Victor Oritsetimeyin Wood, the current executive director of research, planning and statics in the board of Desopadec, Delta State as the key speaker. Engr. Wood is a personality whom most well meaning Itsekiris are well pleased for his antecedent towards the development and security of his people even in an unfortunate circumstances. Though most us accused the truth of hate and pulling down because we hated the truth, we cannot outrightly deny not to be aware of the underdevelopment in warri kingdom despite all the opportunities at our disposal such as ' Desopadec chairmanship under Kpowo , NDDC project director Engr. Tuoyo Omatsuli, IRDC mofe pirah and Ayiri , chairman delta state appropriation hon Daniel Mayuku , SSG, commissioner for health and governorship Emmanuel Uduaghan and federal and state lawmakers Hon Daniel Reyenieju, Michael Diden and other community offices headed by the likes of David Tonwe, Thomas Ereyitomi , Austin Onesan, Mode Akoma and Ebosa who is the current chairman desopadec, but yet the Itsekiri nation is not only the most underdeveloped but also have lost most of her assets such as lands and political slots which has affected our economical growth.
Should we pretend not know those behind the woes that has befallen the Itsekiri nation? Yet some of us in the name of blind loyalism and stomach infrastructure wants to compel others to bow in admonition of the architect behind our backwardness. Anyway, what else can I say than it is well? But how can we talk about moving on without pulling off the hands of those that has brought us into this mess and still subduing us under their dealership call leadership? Please if we should move on like that, where then are we heading to? If we can lost so much under this current dealership structure they call leadership due to excessive greed, what then will be left if they continue in same status quo for another 6 to 10yrs if eventually the most cursed personalities like Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan as senator?
I have waited to see how genuine are the activism of our youths especially the NAIG towards promoting the liberation of Itsekiri nation from the hands of the cabals as I expected to publicise the speech delivered by the key speaker of the NAIG anniversary in the person of Engr. Wood the same way the NAIG publicity was trending the political lies dishing out by the former governor Uduaghan who is the most cursed personality in the history of Warri kingdom. I have patiently waited to see if the statements mades by Wood will be publicised but, is over 4days since after the NAIG historical 20th anniversary event and notice has been put up for upcoming youths and incoming leaders to learn from which is now clear to me that this anniversary was designed by the executive of NAIG under the leadership of Comr. Collins Edema in collaboration with the stomach infrastructural advocates and loyalist of former governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan just to launder the already condemned image of the most useless personality in the history of Warri Kingdom await his 2019 senatorial ambition in exchange for financial support from the former governor towards building a secretariat complex for NAIG. The NAIG executives have deliberately acted ignorant about publicising the truth which is indeed bitter and was bluntly and boldly dished out by the gentle man in nature but radical in tackling issues from their roots and not trimming branches.
Read some of the lines from the excerpt of the speech delivered by Engr. Wood which he throw the hammer right on the centre of the nail head by indicting wrong followership as energiser of failed leadership in Warri Kingdom, and he proffered a palliative steps to follow in order to ensure check and balance in the leadership system as follows below:
*Itsekiris should be be involved in the selection process of her leaders and a performance indicator should be set by Itsekiris to the selected leaders which the leaders are expected to work with and that is what the leaders will be accountable for at the end of their tenure.
*Leadership are suppose to state their plans to followers, and follow it through.
*Followers are to hold leadership accountable for their actions in office.
He proceeded by saying "There is no leader in the current Itsekiri nation that can be placed in the pedestrian of the likes of Chief Okotie-Eboh, Chief Dore Numa, Chief Alfred Rewane etc. And that the current leaders are just too into flamboyances as they will rather lavish the developmental funds meant to develop our communities on expensive champagne, luxury cars etc while all institutions in our lands are of the a lower classes and he asked "What are we as Itsekiris doing about this?" but the audience could not wake up from their sober as all suddenly realised they have all sinned against Itsekiri and short of the guts to respond.
But ironically, non of these aforementioned blunt facts which are the actual factors affecting the development of our communities are found on the media pages of the stomach infrastructural advocates that branded themselves as progressive but shamelessly hitting media with the deceitful statement by the same Uduaghan who singlehanded designed the pains of Itsekiris. Anyway they are on a mission to refurbish the dead image of Uduaghan which is why they deliberately disenfranchised the unsuspecting Itsekiri from the truth.
The NAIG executives are even worse as they can easily and promptly publicise on their official page words by words laced with political deceit made by Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan who was one time SSG, commissioner for health and then two times governor of delta state, but with no legacy left behind than inculcating in the mindset of looting, greed and wickedness in the hearts of upcoming youths and incoming leaders that they should use Itsekiri as sacrificial lamb for personal political and financial stabilisation. But not even a single statement made by Engr. Wood which actually dealt with the current situation was posted on the NAIG page neither was it posted by the so called progressive's youth advocates because they hated the truth due to its taste for it's too bitter to swallow, but unfortunately is the only pill that can cure our deformity and set us free from political slavery.
Instead of Uduaghan to tell Itsekiris about his stewardship by referencing his delivery of leadership to his people and his antecedent worthy of emulation, he went on humiliating himself by even have the nerves to give Itsekiris irrelevant advices such as " The need for time keeping, respect the olu as if we do not know that, Itsekiri should abuse him and not the palace" hmmm what a sympathetic exhibition by the crafty Uduaghan trying to obtain pity from the emotionally weak Itsekiris. If I may ask, who are those attacking the throne and how are they doing that? And should the people pretend to be smiling with a system that is perceived to be anti Itsekiri , oppressive and suppressive? Is it the displeasure expressed by the pained people towards the leadership structure which the palace seems to be silent about that is the cause of underdevelopment in our kingdom?or the people are angry at the leadership structure which has the consent of the palace as result of the underdevelopment of Warri kingdom which the palace seems not to be taking any action against? Note that, a hungry man is an angry man so it doesn't matter whose toe may be stepped upon to deliver the message. While the truth is delivered it doesn't matter who may be affected no matter how highly placed because that which should be kept secret may be where the problems lies, therefore we must leave no stone unturned.
We must all stand up against all forms of blind syndrome of loyalism, eye services and stomach infrastructural advocacy if there should be anything such as moving forward which the only way to go about is to bluntly challenge the current status quo, else it will remain a rotation within same circle.
May God bless Chief Rita Lori, Pa Ayonmike , Comr. Amechi Ogbonnia, Engr. Victor Wood, Comr. Weyinmi Agbass, and all those that have shown genuine readiness and commitment towards the liberation of Itsekiri nation against all odds and Itsekiri glory must be restore.
I know they will accuse me for openly appreciating Engr. Wood and other selfless genuine leadership personalities for their unrelenting and uncompromising support towards the betterment warri kingdom that has been ruined by the disciples, because it seems like I'm suppressing their evil and stomach agenda and condemned image laundering of their bosses. I'm not in the sycophantic business of stomach infrastructural advocacy and activism else I wouldn't be stepping on toes. I select my friends carefully and I have no boss even I respect some because they are indeed born leaders. Whoever thinks Engr. Wood is not different from the others should kindly list his wrongs done against his people just as we have listed the wrongs of those whose stomach loyalist are trying to launder their dead images. I'm loyal to ideas and struggle while I respect whoever champion pro people's ideas and struggles.
Thanks and God bless.
Charles Eyimofe Pemu.

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